Chances are you have never seen a Japanese Bobtail unless you happen to go to a cat show, and even then you might only see the odd one or two, if at all, This breed is truly a well-kept secret, with many wonderful attributes:

  1.     very people oriented and interactive

  2.     healthy and hardy, the breed is a ‘natural breed’ 

i.e, genetically pure and not a         combination of other breeds

  1.     highly intelligent and loving

At first glance a Bobtail might not look all that different from many cats until you see the tail which consists of a stubby series of kinks and twists and is much like a human fingerprint - no two are ever alike. Looking closer you will see a definite almond slanted shape to the eye, extremely angulated back legs some 50% longer than the front legs when fully extended, a triangular shaped head and a lean, muscular body.

This is an extremely active breed, and kittenish playfulness and tricks can extend well into adulthood. I know several 2-3 year old Bobtails who still have not ‘grown up’, so with all this activity lots of toys and human interaction is recommended. Bobtails just love the company of humans and other Bobtails - in fact, many folks who have Bobtails will have 2 (or more)!

They are not lap cats, however, as they are far too busy having fun to want to curl up in your lap (unless they are really sleepy) for what they would consider to be an unduly long period of time! The same applies to being held; they will not mind it at first but quickly become bored, so if you are looking for a cat that is constantly underfoot bothering you for attention and affection, this may not be the breed for you. Now having said that, this does not mean that they do not want to be with you - quite the contrary! They love being around people, whether reclining on the couch beside you, laying on the bed with you or even following you into the bathroom (Bobtails love to be in the bathroom with their humans - never quite figured out why although I suspect it has to do with their fascination with water!) They are jumpers and love to be in high places (due to those powerful and muscular back legs, no doubt), and having high cat ‘trees’ (check out the cat furniture at the show) is particularly appealing to them, whether it’s to take a snooze or simply to have a clear vantage point where all can be seen!

Bobtails are basically ‘low shed’; they have little undercoat, and very little grooming is required. Typically my cats sport the ‘van’ pattern of white body with color on the head and tail only, with the white managing to remain white with a minimum of care. Occasional brushing/combing is recommended as it keeps the coat in condition and the cats really love it. A good quality food - both dry and canned is advised, and I have found that spending a few $$’s more for the best affordable food goes a long way to keeping the cats out of the vet’s office.

I breed to show, not to sell kittens, so I rarely have kittens available, but when I do be assured that they have been bred to the highest standards with good health and endearing personality being a primary concern. My focus, therefore, is the quality of the ‘forever’ home where my babies will be loved and appreciated, and treated as a member of the family, with no shortcuts as to care. I do understand, however, that personal circumstances can change, so, should someone having one of my kitties ever find that they can no longer have him/her, I do insist that the kitty be returned to me or that I approve of any alternate home. Other conditions include no going outside - ever, unless to the vet’s or similar necessary occasion = and always in a safe carrier. I am also strongly opposed to declawing and recommend the use of scratching posts as any kitty from my home will be accustomed to using one, thus sparing the furniture. I also have retired show adults, and while I do not actively seek homes for them, if someone is sincerely interested in one I would consider such a placement subject to the above conditions. Lastly, all kittens must be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.

Should you wish to learn more about this engaging breed or perhaps be interested in a kitten or mature cat, I can be reached at

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